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  • 1714

    Mathew Gosling buys the north brink site including orchards, gardens and stables for a princely £120 and establishes a granary and oilmill.

  • 1786

    The premises is bought by Denis Herbert and John Cooch who convert the oilmill into a brewhouse.

  • 1795

    The brewery and four tied houses is acquired by Thomas Fawsett on Christmas Eve for £5624.

  • 1801

    Thomas Fawcett Junior sells the brewery to William Watson. The estate now numbers six pubs, including the Hare & Hounds, Wisbech and the Queen's Head, Emneth (both still owned today).

  • 1877

    After three quaters of a century in which ownership of the business changes four times, John Elgood and George Harrison step in with a near £40,000 purchase. By the time the tied estate now numbers 70 public houses, of which 21 are in Wisbech.

  • 1878

    The first brew of Elgood's is mashed on October 11th, as the company continues with John Elgood as sole owner.

  • 1905

    A limited company, Elgood & Sons, is formed with Horace Elgood - the third son of the late John Elgood - becoming Chairman.

  • 1933

    On Horace's death, his nephew Walter Stewart Elgood becomes Chairman and Managing Director.

  • 1968

    His only son Nigel Elgood dons the mantle, becoming the fourth generation of the family to oversee the business.

  • 2002

    Belinda Sutton, the eldest of Nigel's three daughters, takes over from him to become the first woman to become Managing Director of the family firm.

  • 2004

    Production Director Alan Pateman details recent improvements made to the historic North Brink Brewery.

    Fermenting Vessel 5
    This vessel was up-graded in April 2005

    New conditionaing tanks
    6 second hand tanks were purchased from a brewery in Germany, in excellent condition. These were modified and installed in our Tank Room in September 2005, replacing old ones which had given at least 50-60 years service!

  • 2005

    New Racking Cyclinder

    Our old copper racking cyclinder was renewed early in 2005, a modern stainless steel tank was purchased from Cameron's Brewery - in fact two ends, as the unit at Cameron's was 3 times bigger than ours! We welded the tank and installed it in the original post-war support frame. Nigel Elgood purchased it from the disposal sale of Morgan's Brewery in Kings Lynn (closed by the then Watney Empire). The new racking cyclinder is fully automated for beer level control and cleaning in place.

  • 2006

    Fermenting Vessel 4
    This vessel was re-built in stainless steel as FV5. The new vessel received its first brew by July 2005. We installed a second glycol chiller to enable our yeast storage chilling to be seperated from the main chilling duty. This will enable better chilling of yeast and will mean we can reduce the electrical duty of the existing chiller and circulating pumps.



Elgood & Sons is a family-owned brewing company situated in the heart of ‘Fen’ country in Cambridgeshire, England.

Home to Elgood’s is the North Brink Brewery which was established in 1795, and was one of the first classic Georgian Breweries to be built outside London.


In 1878 it came under the control of the Elgood family, and so it remains today, with the fifth generation of the Elgood family now coming through to run the business, maintain the traditions, and push the company boldly forward into the 21st Century.


The North Brink Brewery stands on the north bank of the River Nene, in the centre of the Cambridgeshire town of Wisbech. The classical Georgian facade presents a sense of history to the world, and over the years Elgood’s has remained loyal to traditional brewing methods, whilst making important technical advances to enable the brewing of a complete range of beers to cater for all of today’s tastes.


Elgood’s has long been a staunch supporter of the traditional British ‘tied house’ system, and currently operates an estate of 36 public houses all within a 60-mile radius of the Brewery, and embracing parts of neighbouring Lincolnshire and Norfolk in addition to its Cambridgeshire heartland.


The company has also established a booming ‘free-trade’ business throughout East Anglia, and beyond this, wholesalers transport Elgood’s beers nationally and internationally.

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