Elgood’s New Apple Wheat Beer – Now Available through Tesco

Monday, April 13th, 2015



Tesco has selected Elgood’s new QE (Quintessentially English) Apple and Vanilla Wheat beer to be sold in local Tesco stores through the East of England.


A delicious, refreshing and slightly carbonated beer, it has been blended with fresh apple juice and Elgood’s Belgian style Wheat Beer.  The fresh apple aroma, combined with a hint of herbs and vanilla helps create a unique taste.


Claire Simpson, marketing and new product director at Elgood’s says: “My two sisters and me, who run the brewery are the fifth generation of Elgood’s and we wanted to create a different style of beer that we all wanted to drink.  We had masses of input into the QE range and are really proud of the results.  We are thrilled that Tesco will now be selling it and hope that it will attract new drinkers to our beers”


Simon Wingfield, Tesco Buying Manager – North & East England said: “We really liked the taste of Elgood’s Apple and Vanilla Wheat beer. It’s great to support a fantastic local business like Elgood’s and be able to offer them the profile they deserve.”


Elgood’s Apple Wheat beer is available in 330ml bottles, other beers in the range include a Cherry Wheat beer.