Seasonal Beers

As well as our regular ales on tap, we also produce a range of seasonal beers. Our seasonal beers for 2022 are based on a jukebox of famous pop records. The current Seasonal Ale can be sampled at our pubs or purchased in the brewery shop. Online sales are not currently available.

Seasonal Beers for 2022

La La La La La Amber


La la la la la Amber is a light amber coloured beer. The beer is brewed with Mosaic hops, finely balanced with Maris Otter pale ale malt to create a beautifully balanced, hoppy, and refreshing beer

ABV. 3.9%

Twist and Stout


Twist and Stout is a deep black traditional stout. It evokes memories of all things dark, liquorice, espresso, and chocolate and is a silky smooth drink which drinks exceptionally well. Brewed with UK Fuggles and Challenger hops and Chocolate malt, rye crystal and malted wheat.

ABV. 4.5%

Lighter Shade of Ale


Lighter Shade of Ale is a very pale ale brewed to 4% abv. The blend of US hops – Amarillo, Chinook and Comet – together with finest Maris Otter pale ale malt combine to produce a really lovely pale ale with a light biscuity finish and delicate hop aroma.

ABV. 4.0%

Honeys too tight to Mention


Honeys too tight to Mention is an amber-coloured beer brewed with UK Sovereign hops and a scintilla of honey, the beer has a sweetish, honey aroma with overlying hoppiness.

ABV. 4.3%

Born to be Mild


Born to be Mild is a dark mild, gently infused with cherry, to give a rich full tasting beer with a hint of fruitiness, allied to the darkness of liquorice and espresso. Brewed with a single UK hop.

ABV. 3.6%

Copper Cabana


Copper Cabana is a copper-coloured beer. It has both UK and US hops skilfully balanced with Pale ale, crystal and amber malts, giving a fine beer with a pronounced hoppiness and aroma.

ABV. 4.2%

Echo Peach


Echo Peach is a pale ale gently infused with peach, giving a lovely fruity aroma and delicate hoppy notes. The beer is brewed with UK Golding and Bramling Cross, together with US Amarillo hops and balanced with Maris Otter Pale ale malt.

ABV of 4.4%.

He ain’t Hefe


He ain’t Hefe is a hazy beer based on a continental Wheat beer and is brewed with Czech Styrian golding and Saaz hops with the use of lager and carapils malts to give the refreshing taste associated with this style of beer. This beer has a lovely fruity aroma and is slightly cloudy.

ABV. 4.5%


Pale House Rock


Pale House Rock is a light-coloured pale ale brewed with exclusively US hops – Cascade and Comet – which results in a lovely hoppy aroma, floral hop notes and refreshing aftertaste. The malts used are Maris Otter Pale ale and Carapils.

ABV of 3.9%.

Rye of the Tiger


Rye of the Tiger is a premium, rich, red beer. The use of a single UK hop and lots of Pale ale, amber malts with a generous helping of Rye Crystal give a rich, malty, fruity beer.

ABV of 4.7%.

Smoke on the Porter


Smoke on the Porter is a dark, rich porter brewed with smoked malt. The addition of pale ale, chocolate, amber and crystal malts allied to Fuggles hops make this a very interesting and complex beer. Rich, smoky with notes of chocolate and coffee, this beer is a cornucopia of delight.

ABV of 4.5%.

Berry Christmas Everyone!


Berry Christmas Everyone is a seasonal beer that is easy to drink and has a smooth, fruitiness from the hint of seasonal berries added to the boil.

ABV 3.9%.