Fruit Coolship wins Awards

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Elgood’s Coolship Lambic-Style Fruit Beer was presented with the Gold Medal in the Speciality Beer category at the SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) South Beer Competition and won the Bronze medal overall.


This delicious fruity Sour Beer was selected by 90 judges as the best in its class at the recent event held in Tonbridge where brewers from all over the South region competed.

COOLSHIP FRUIT has an A.B.V. of 5%. And is light purple in colour with a sparkling finish.  Blended with Raspberry and a hint of Blackberry the sweetness and rich berry flavour is off-set by the smooth sourness of the Coolship Ale, the hedgerow fruit aroma is prominent, with soft fruity tones, and a hint of earthy note.

Elgood’s based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, is the only regional brewer in the country able to produce a Lambic-Style beer, due to owning a unique pair of open cooling trays, known as ‘coolship trays’.  These are needed for the brewing process, allowing the beer to cool naturally overnight, attracting a range of wild yeasts and flavours dominant in the area. The beer then undergoes a spontaneous fermentation over a period of six to nine months.

This medal follows hard on the heels of another industry award for Elgood’s Coolship range picked up earlier this year which was awarded by the International Brewing Awards 2015.  The other beers in the range includes: Coolship Blonde and Coolship Dark.

Claire Simpson, Marketing Director of Elgood’ Brewery commented: “It’s fantastic to be receiving such accolades for our new Lambic/Sour beers.  We are now brewing at full capacity for our Sour Beer range and due to increasing demand, plan to install a further two tanks later this year.”

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The range of Coolship ales are available in 30-litre kegs.  Blonde is also available in 500ml bottles and Coolship Fruit in 330ml bottles.

Elgood’s Fruit Coolship joins our other award winning beers after being awarded Gold in the Speciality Beers section of the SIBA south region keg beer competition & Bronze in the overall keg champion.

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