The Craft Beer Channel at Elgoods Brewery

Monday, April 17th, 2023

Elgood's Coolship TrayThe Craft Beer Channel joined us with Crossover Blendery last month to brew using our historic twin Coolship trays, which date back nearly a century, adding a unique and traditional element to the brewing process. The Coolship, also known as “cooling ship,” is a large shallow vessel used for open fermentation and cooling of hot wort before fermentation. This traditional method allows wild yeast from the surrounding environment to inoculate the wort, resulting in complex, tart, and sour flavours in the finished beer.

After brewing with the Coolship, the wort is then blended and aged in barrels by Crossover Blendery. Barrel aging adds another layer of complexity to the beer, as it imparts flavours from the wood and any previously stored spirits, contributing to the unique character of the final product.

By Crossover Blendery using our historic brewing process, the resulting beers will have distinctive flavours and aromas, showcasing the artistry and creativity of modern craft brewing while paying homage to traditional brewing techniques from the past century. Beer enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying the complex and unique tart and sour flavours.

Watch the process here